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These Terms apply to any access or use of the website, inside or outside Brazil, and regulate the services offered by SAN RAFAEL HOTEL, that is, the relationship between the parties derived from the hotel services and related products offered by the hotel, including the use of tools, data, licenses to use the brand, name, voice, image, photographs, promotional material, marketing, offers, events, activities, promotions, among other services and products made available to the user, without prejudice to the existence of other Terms, specific regulations and conditions of use (“Additional Terms”).


Any "Additional Terms" will be duly informed to users and will form part of this contract. In case of conflict, the provisions of the Additional Terms in relation to the conflicting matter will prevail.

The hotel may, at any time and without prior notice to users, change, modify or adjust the Terms. Any changes that restrict the rights of users or change the treatment of personal data or sensitive personal information will be communicated in due time. This does not remove the need for the user to review the Terms frequently, as they are subject to the Terms in effect at the time of accessing, using, sending or obtaining content, products, promotions, information, services or offers. If you do not agree, the user must stop using the services and cancel his registration.


The user authorizes SAN RAFAEL HOTEL to send notifications and communications via email, text messages ("SMS") or on WhatsApp publications on the website, or any other means, with informative and promotional content related to the services and products offered by the hotel . If desired, the user may revoke the authorization via the link provided at the end of the communication received via e-mail.


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Reservations for the hotel and purchases of services or products made available by SAN RAFAEL HOTEL must be legitimate, with false or fraudulent information and reservations being prohibited. The website must be accessed for personal purposes, and use for commercial purposes and sending “spam” communications is prohibited. The user declares that he will not use robot software or equivalent technological automation when browsing the website or accessing its services.

Reservations and registration of users' personal information must be made by themselves or agents, with the necessary powers of representation to act on their behalf, and will be responsible for the posted content and registration information, which must be lawful, true, correct and always up to date.

Under no circumstances will the hotel be liable for error, omission, falsehood, inaccuracy in the information provided by the user.


The hotel will not be responsible for any error in communication; interruption or failure to function; access difficulties; loss, theft or misdirection of messages or security issues in these communications.

You agree that the hotel and third party providers of services or products related to this website are exempt from liability for any loss or damage caused to your internet access device, by use of banking, confidential, personal or other personally identifiable information related or resulting from this website, or any other websites associated with or directed by it.

In order for the hotel to offer the services related to this website, including the completion of reservations or requests made on it, the establishment may use services provided by third parties. The website user agrees that the hotel will not be responsible for acts, errors, omissions, contractual breaches, delays, defects, negligence or recklessness committed by these contracted third parties, nor will it be liable for any damages, losses, death or any other harmful consequences.


The guest agrees and assumes full responsibility for the use of the objects, land, amenities, facilities and surroundings owned by the hotel, including the products offered by it, in addition to agreeing to all terms and conditions of purchase.

Additionally, the guest agrees to be fully responsible for any and all charges, fees and values, in addition to possible fines caused by the misuse of services related to their reservation and the services offered by the hotel.


The hotel has specific privacy policies for personal data and sensitive personal information available at www.hotelsanrafael.net/privacy-policy.html. Registration information and data about users are subject to these policies, which the user declares to have read, understood and agreed to. Privacy policies regulate the use and provision of services relating to the collection, processing and use of user data, including the transfer of this information for storage, processing and use for the purposes necessary for the services offered by san rafael hotel, its partner companies and other establishments related to it, for the specific purposes of its services and possible uses present in said privacy policy, which is an integral part of these terms.


The brands, names, logos, domain names, intellectual property in general and other distinctive signs, as well as any and all content, design, art, visual identity, layout published on the website are the exclusive property of the hotel, and their use is prohibited without prior authorization, partial or full reproduction, subjecting the violator to the appropriate legal measures, without prejudice to any compensation for damages and legal fees to the hotel and third parties that may suffer damages for such acts.


In case any provision of these Terms is considered invalid, ineffective or null, by any competent body, the others will remain in full force for any and all purposes.

Any tolerance of either party to infringements or non-compliance with the conditions stipulated in these Terms will be understood as an act of mere liberality, not constituting a precedent, novation or waiver of any rights guaranteed by legislation or by the Terms of Use.

The relationships and functionalities dealt with herein will be governed by Brazilian law. The jurisdiction of the District of Foz do Iguaçu-PR is elected as competent to settle any disputes arising from the contractual relationship.

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